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Our Produce Is Mainstay For Us

Our Mission is to active excellence and render services to the customers. Company intends to improve long term relationship comprising with health and productivity of cattle and live stock.

Our vision is to become the best Animal Health Care producing company with upgraded modern technology.


Feed supplement is food given to the animals. If an animals cannot get proper nutrition diet that includes vitamins, amino acid and minerals .

* Calcimilk - Prevent milk fever and improve milk synthesis in high yields and lacting animals.

*Dinosol - Builds up body resistance to infection, keeps birds healthy, stimulates growth and production.


Injection is a technique for delivering drugs by parenteral administration, that is administration via route other than through the digestive tract.

*Amox-vet injection - colxacillin in combination with amox vet will provide better synergistic bactericidal effect against Gram+ve and Gram-ve.

*Vitacon-A injection - Infertility, repeat breeding, grass tectany, hypovitaminosis.


A tablet is a Pharmaceutical oral dosage from or solid unit dosage form.

Flucon tablet - A multifaceted anthelminthic highly effective against gastrotestinal nematodes such as ostertagia, lungworms, liver flukes, amphistomes (mature/immature).

*Sulphacon bolus - An ideal treatment for calf scours bacterial diarrhea, respiratory infection, urinary infection.


A product in the from of discrete usually fine particles specifically, a medicine or medicated preparation in the form of a powder antiseptic powder, digestive powder , vitamins powder and etc.

*Privita powder - Apply of lactobacillus it helps proper digestion and metabolism. Builds up body resistance to infection.

*Vitaprotin-DS - Stimulates growth and production. Maintains normal health and reproduction.